Welcome to my prototype website!

The Story

I'm a filmmaker and I love watching movies. I love dissecting movies. And I love to talk to my friends about movies. I wanted to start a Facebook group so everyone can share their thoughts about movies, but I had one problem: several of my friends are not on Facebook because they don't like the loss of privacy and they don't trust Facebook to not sell their data to other corporations. So I looked for another site they could join, but after spending some time looking around the internet, I couldn't find a website that offered the social aspect of Facebook, but only for movies. So I decided to build it myself and that's why I came to Forsyth Tech to get a web technology degree to learn how.

My friend came up with a name: Featurama (because of our love of Futurama).

And I made a crude logo: Logo(it's still in progress.)


Above are four links that will take you to several different pages that I've envisioned for the website.

The watercooler page is similar to Facebook's homepage. The aside will show you all the upcoming movies. The section will have content from all your friends and maybe some news from the movie industry (maybe weekly box office receipts). And the sidebar will be reserved for adspace.

The personal page is all about you. The aside will be your list of favorite movies. You'll be able to make as many lists as you want and sort them any way that you want. My favorite feature will be the list that your friends can generate for you. The section will be reserved for your content. And the sidebar will be adspace.

The movie page will show specific data for the film that you're interested in. Aspect ratio, audio mixes, box office profits, movie poster, trailers, awards, etc. It will also show comments left by your friends and everyone else that is a fan of the movie.

The contact us page is self explanatory. Let us know if you're having any issues with the website, how we can make it better or if you just want to tell us "great job!"

Please click on a link and come inside for a look!